From the Mailbox

If you are regulars at the Dallas Museum of Art, you are probably quite familiar with a certain bright blue bird. It’s Arturo! He is the mascot for all Museum programs for families, and you will find his friendly face on signs, brochures, and even painted on the wall in his home, Arturo’s Nest. At big events like First Tuesday and Family Celebrations, you can meet Arturo himself!

The inspiration for Arturo comes from a small ancient Peruvian vessel on view in the Ancient American galleries on the fourth floor. This vessel, which depicts a parrot, was made on the north coast of what is now Peru approximately 2,000 years ago.

Spouted vessel with tubular handle depicting a macaw; Peru, Salinar culture, c. 200 B.C. – A.D. 100; Ceramic; The Nora and John Wise Collection, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jake L. Hamon, the Eugene McDermott family, Mr. and Mrs. Algur H. Meadows and the Meadows Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. John D. Murchison

Some of Arturo’s favorite things are the letters children leave in his mailbox in Arturo’s Nest. He gave me permission to share just a few on our blog.

He gets fun fan mail:

                “Dear Arturo,
                                You are the best bird in the world. You make me happy and make me laugh.
                                                                                                                Love, Daniela”

And sweet invitations:

                “Dear Arturo,
                                Come visit me in Georgia and I’ll buy you some oysters.
                                                                                                                Love, Cindy”

Good questions:

                “Dear Arturo,
                                I had fun today at the art museum. Are you a parat? What is your favorite thing to do? I am seven and my favorite thing to do is play soccer.
                                                                                                                Love, Hersh”

And great drawings:

You can meet Arturo tomorrow at the February 2 First Tuesdays or at the Family Celebration on February 27. Don’t forget to write him a letter!

Posted by: Leah (with help from Arturo)


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