A Little Help for Santa

There are only 11 more days until Santa’s big day, and if you are like me, you might still be searching (or scrambling!) to find just the right gift for that last person on your list. Never fear—I’m here . . . to be your secret holiday helper. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas for the budding artist on your lists. They range from art supplies and art kits to books and blocks.

Schoodio To Go Box, $35

This art bag from Schoodio comes STUFFED with all kinds of art materials. I love the open-ended possibilities it presents for your child, and no two bags are the same, so you can order multiples for your children and they’ll each getting something unique.

Fingerprinting Art Kit, $11.50

One of my favorite summer camp ideas with 4 year olds is creating fingerprint creatures. They always come up with creative critters. I like this set because the ink pads are perfectly shaped for just one finger, and it comes with extra stamps to add fun details. Find it at Paper Source.

My First Mosaic, $11.99

This is an easy, quick project that also helps your child practice her small motor coordination. The kit from Alex Toys comes with pre-printed images, but it would be fun to have your child create her own drawing and then turn it into a mosaic with the stickers. (Even better, you can then come visit some of the fantastic mosaics at the Museum!)

Make Your Own Monster, $24

Ok, who doesn’t want to create their own monster? This is a kit more for older children (ages 7 up), and because of the monster theme, it introduces sewing in a fun way to both girls and boys. I found it at ReForm School which is a super fun site to find lots of other treasures!

Winterscape Stamp Set, $30

This stamp set from Yellow Owl Workshop allows children to play with the idea of layering stamps to create a landscape scene. They’ll be focused on creating a picture, but they will also get hands-on practice with concepts related to space in art—how to make a two-dimensional space feel like it is three-dimensional. There is also a cityscape version. If you are in town, we have these stamp sets in the DMA store!

Colorframes, $46.75 (currently on sale!)

For the builder in your family, these beautiful blocks from Learning Materials Workshop offer an endless variety of combinations—tall towers, long train tracks, quaint houses. The varied hues of the blocks guarantee that the finished results will be worthy of displaying as art!

Mala Tabletop Paper Holder, $5.99

Have an ambitious artist, but no room for a studio? Turn your kitchen table into an art studio with the Mala Tabletop Paper Holder (find it at Ikea). The holder is portable, so you can create art in the afternoon, and then easily stow it away and clear the table for dinnertime.

Charley Harper: An Illlustrated Life, $32.97

This may officially be a coffee table book, but it will fascinate children and adults alike. With pictures of animals, insects, nature, and birds, you will find yourself poring over these beautiful reproductions by the American artist Charley Harper. When I flipped through the pages, I found all kinds of inspiration for art projects. You can find this at Amazon.

Need more ideas? Here are some of the places I gathered my suggestions from: Parents Magazine, LMNOP, Real Simple, and Cookie Magazine. Happy shopping!

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