Do You Hear What I See?

I am beginning to see holiday trimmings everywhere! We have festive holiday music filling our office with cheer, lights on houses and buildings make the evenings bright, and I can definitely feel the cold, winter air as I wrap a scarf around my neck to go outside. Even works of art in the collection reminded me of the holidays today as I wandered through the galleries humming Christmas tunes.

The Harbor (Le Port), 1916-1917, Jean Metzinger

I thought of the Christmas song, “I Saw Three Ships” with this work.



Houses in Murnau, 1908, Wassily Kandinsky

Up on the Housetop” is the holiday jingle that sprung to mind with this colorful painting.



Cross of Ely, 1964, Graham Sutherland

I can hear a favorite in my family, “Silver and Gold” when I see this sculpture. 

Bare Tree Trunks with Snow, 1946, Georgia O’Keeffe

I wonder if Georgia O’Keeffe was “Dreaming of a White Christmas” when she painted this work?


Along the Seine, Winter, 1887, Childe Hassam

Brr! A snowy “Winter Wonderland” scene fills this painting.



The Peaceable Kingdom, c. 1846-1847, Edward Hicks

These animals know how to “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”



Rock-Rock, 1966, Richard Lindner

It looks like the figure in this work might be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” this year!


There are so many more works of art in the collection that relate to favorite holiday songs. If the cold weather has your family stuck inside this holiday, visit the DMA and take a warm walk through the galleries. Try these gallery activities and leave a comment to tell us your ideas!

You could:

  • Sing some favorites with your family and then visit the Museum to see which works of art illustrate the tunes.
  • See how many snowy, winter wonderland-related works your family can find.
  • Search for images of holiday traditions you might have – family gatherings, feasts of food, or celebrations!
  • After the Museum, stay in and create your own artworks inspired by a favorite holiday song. Use materials to make the project festive – glitter, sequins, paint, foil, buttons, or silver and gold pipe cleaners.

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