Yellow + Blue = Green

Think that an art museum is the very last place you want to bring your busy toddler? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Arturo’s Nest is a play space at the Museum just for children ages 4 and under. Inside you can read a favorite book from our children’s library, play with art-related games and toys, and climb on bright, squishy cushions. It’s a great place to take a break or get out your energy, and no one will get in trouble for making noise, touching things, and even running around a little. In fact, we know it’s been a day of serious fun when we walk into the Nest and find toys scattered everywhere, books piled up on the reading bench, and the hand sanitizer almost gone!

In November, all the toys and featured books in Arturo’s Nest focus on COLOR. We have:


Color puzzles for kids who like to put things together.


Color sorting boxes for kids who like to take things out and put them in again.


Books about color for every age—simple board books, I Spy books, and charming stories.

And lots more! Arturo’s Nest can be where you spend your entire visit, letting your child play, read, and explore. Or, you can make it an extension of your experience at the Museum. Spend some time in your favorite gallery searching the art for your child’s favorite color. Then come to Arturo’s Nest and continue to explore color through toys, games, and books.

Stop by and say hi! Arturo’s Nest is in the Center for Creative Connections on Level 1.

(And a very special thanks to a favorite parrot–Arturo–for posing for the camera!).

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One response to “Yellow + Blue = Green

  1. Both my daughter, age 3.5 and son, age 22 mos. LOVE coming to play at Arturo’s nest. It is by far their favorite area of the DMA. The toddler- and preschooler-friendly puzzles, magnet wall and soft climbing blocks are their favorite. As a parent, I like that the whole area is enclosed so I can have a seat to watch and interact with them and know that nobody is going to sneak away. 🙂 It is also nice how the manipulatives and activities are rotated regularly so there is always something new to explore. It’s a wonderful resource for young children and the Staff there is great, too!

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