Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair

Don’t touch the art! No matter how old you are, when you visit an art museum, this is probably the #1 rule that gets drilled into you. Absolutely. No. Touching.

But when you’re two years old, it’s really hard not to touch things…especially after you’ve been told “NO.” One solution—Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo’s clever series of Touch the Art board books.

Touch the Art series

These books invite young children to brush Mona Lisa’s hair, make Van Gogh’s bed, and feel Monet’s water lilies. And no one will get yelled at! Pairing up some of the world’s most recognized and loved works of art with the tried and true concept of interactive books for toddlers, these authors turn the “don’t touch” rule on its head.

Degas dancer

Now, as a museum person, I have to say I think it’s important to differentiate between touching an image in a book and touching a canvas on the wall. But overall, I think these books are terrific. The different textures on each page and rhyming text introduce art in a very playful way—perfect for kids. And each touchable element on the page, whether it’s scratchy sand or a soft, furry dog, creates an opportunity to take a closer look at the work of art and really notice the details.


Included at the back of each book is an “Artifacts” section which offers fun facts on the works of art and artists, so you can learn something new too!

These would be great books to tuck in your bag and bring with you to the museum. Try to find similar works of art in the galleries by the same artists, and when your child feels that urge to touch, whip out the book!

Touch the Art Board Books

Check out all the books in the series:

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  1. Maxi[s]mum

    love it!

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