A Blog is Born

Looking at an Egyptian sarcophagus
Looking at an Egyptian sarcophagus

The setting:        An art museum gallery of Egyptian art

The characters: A group of 3, 4, and 5-year old children and their parents

The action:          The children look around them at the sculptures, funerary objects and sarcophagus—all from ancient Egypt. Together they brainstorm what life might have been like back then. “No cars!” “No TVs!” “No phones!” This last comment puzzles one little girl. She thinks about it for a moment, then declares, “Yeah, they had to use those cans and strings to talk to each other!” Several kids give her knowing nods while parents try to stifle laughter. The group goes on to take a closer look at several works of art, but I can’t help but imagine pharaoh holding a tin can up to his ear. “Can you hear me now . . . how about now?”

Exploring the Dallas Museum of Art with children is always an adventure. Whether we’re learning about primary colors while looking at a painting by Mondrian or imagining how an African drum would sound, kids notice the most amazing things. Those of us who work in the Family Programs Department here at the museum get to see the kid/art connection all the time, and we want to share the love. We [heart] families, art, and anything that brings the two together!

So here we go on our brand new family blogging adventure. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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